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This page is devoted to providing information on little-known products I have discovered that have as their objective to be kind to our mother Earth. Some are new on the scene, others have been around for a very long time. All are busier making earth-friendly products than in spending money to toot their own horn with national advertising. I use them, so I have seen with my own eyes what they can do for the planet. I do not receive any compensation, monetary or otherwise, for my recommendations of any of these products. To find out more about them, and where you might purchase them, you can Google the product or company name.

Stoneyfield Yogurt

This is a dairy farm in New Hampshire that has been quietly making fabulous yogurt for something like 40 years. I have been looking for years for such a yogurt, but have only just now discovered it. Each store in our small town offers a different one of their many products, and to my knowledge they have never called attention to it in any of their sale ads. Stoneyfield has many yogurt varieties, but one perfectly matched my preferences: Organic, low fat, creamy, vanilla flavored, lightly sweetened, with no extra ingredients, and in a 32oz container. It not only tastes great, but I like it that their cattle are pasture raised, and that they were “organic before organic was cool”. So we know they are the real deal, not just a big commercial company jumping on the organic band wagon. They also make a frozen yogurt, which our local organic market will try to order for me. Yum, yum, I can’t wait!

A Magnetic Laundry System from LifeMiracleUSA:

This is a set of 2 golf-ball sized magnets that you put into the metal tub of a washing machine. Believe it or not, that is it. That is all you do. Then put in the clothes and the water. No soap, no softener, nothing. For bad stains, I treat just the stain with laundry enzymes, and pre-soak them for a couple of hours. Then after they rinse and spin I put in the other clothes and start the regular wash cycle. My clothes come out just as clean as they ever have, but with no detergent odor, and best of all, no detergent down the drain.

YellowBlue Eco tech:

This is a company that has several diverse eco-friendly products to offer. I recently attended an informational session by them, where they actually demonstrated some of their products during the meeting, and amazed us all with the outcome. I was so impressed that I have designed most of their products into the new home I am having built next year. And I also ordered some for my current home as well. The thin flat aluminium sheets of insulation were the highlight, performing far better than 2 bats of standard fiberglass insulation. And there are many variations of the product available for any and all situations. There is even a version that can be PAINTED onto walls or ceiling and provide similar efficiency! Just astounding.

They also have several other products that are way ahead of their time as well. The device that dispenses health-giving probiotics into the air of your home is totally cutting edge. The solar attic fan is awesome. And the best thing of all is that they are made right here in the USA!! They are based in Iowa, but they apparently offer informational sessions all around the US, so you could contact them to see if and when there will be one in your area.

Five Marys Farm:

This is a strictly pasture raised ranch in the small valley where I plan to move next year. They offer well aged beef, pork, and lamb, the taste of which defies description. And they care for their animals from birth through that “one bad day” when they enter our food chain, because they understand that every day is important to the health and well-being of the animals. Their website describes everything they have for sale, can take most major credit cards, and offers free shipping to your door. What more could you want?

Well, in addition to a full description of all their many meat packages, they provide photos of the ranch, a history of how they settled there, and a description of ranch life with frequent postings in real time. Today the snow has captured all their attention, and they were able to use the postings to apologize to their 100+ customers who are expecting orders that will be delayed a few days due to road closures, including 200 miles of I-5! (This is after all the west, where 18 inches of the white stuff is a really big deal)

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