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Hello Myrmidon

The pages of this book hold many stories from my own life, woven into the written conversation between two fictional pen pals who begin as strangers but part as special friends. Each of the girls is at a major crossroad facing the choices that will determine the direction of her life’s journey, and together they help each other forge a path to their dreams.

The time frame for these letters is set in 1965-66 because that was my own college era, so I felt comfortable to alternately step into the shoes of these two fictional girls. The pace of corresponding by mail in the 1960’s was quite leisurely, allowing days or weeks to receive, digest and answer a letter.

By contrast, the technology of today encourages instantaneous messages and replies, which must be brief and to the point. Thus today’s use of social media does not lend itself to the exploration of deeper subjects, such as the role that decisions play in our lives. For that reason I found it almost impossible to give wise counsel about choices to a teenager in my own family. To solve this exasperating dilemma I chose to voice my thoughts in the simple format of my own youth. It offers many stories to illustrate the far reaching impact of our decisions on all our lives both now and in the future.

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Hello Myrmidon

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