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Sharing Special Stories Soothes the Soul

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Thank you very much for visiting this site. It is my sincere hope that you have found value and comfort in the words that are offered here, and that you will pay it forward by sharing with others what you have learned. This site is completely free, but some of you may wish to help with the maintenance costs. It would be very welcome, but I do not as yet have a way to do that. I would ask instead, for now, that you send any small donations instead to a private exotic animal rescue facility. I have selected tigers as the primary recipients of my charity, and I support no less than ten such facilities across the nation. I chose them because they are doing great work rescuing animals that have been horribly abused with only small private donations and no public funding at all.

Thanks again, you will be blessed. Angel

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Representative Comments

Aimee: loved this edition ( Nov 20: I Find Family and Friends at Hallmark).  thanks for sharing.

Molly:  Love your tour (in the "Road Trip to Shangri La" blog post), thanks for the ride!

Sue E: Your story sounds fascinating - good luck with the book. 😀

Toni R:  : Keep on blogging! You have many interesting stories and thoughts.   I can relate to this! ( the "phones of old" blog)  We had a crank phone and a party line. And yes a party line was just that! I think we had 4 on our party line and since it was a small town I was living in at the time, everyone knew everyone's business!!

Dorothy:   WOW! Angel! Your website is as impressive as you are! A ball of fire, that's what you are!  There seems to be no limit to your ideas and your enthusiasm. 

Jodi:  Hi Angel! Your book sounds simply lovely, and I love the idea of 'old-timey' pencil sketches 

Karen:   I am intrigued Angel! The beginning of your book caught my full attention. I will read more about participation soon! Fantastic idea you hatched.

Aimee:  looks good, proud of you.  Will read more later.

Roberta: Your website looks great and I read each and every one of your blog entries, starting with the earliest one. They are fabulous! I am not on Twitter very much, but I think it is the perfect way for you to get a following for your book, even before it is published.       All the best, and I will see you at a future book signing. 

Kelly:  I love your blog, Angel. You're even more amazing than I realized if that's possible!!! I read the whole thing tonight and look forward to more.

Toni B:   This looks so interesting, I look forward to reading all your musings.   I am a Stonyfield gal too.  I like the low fat plain best--with frozen blueberries or currants and a little nature's Path granola and some wheat bran mixed in--or whatever is around.  

Toni R:   I see some fun memories coming into play! I'm taking a memoir writing class after the session was over our stories were published in a book. We're into the next session now and I've got many stories swimming in my head! Your story about your family travels into roads unknown sounds very familiar as I've been in similar situations. Can't wait to hear the rest of your story!

       Reply:  You are the first one to send me a comment from the site itself, congratulations!   That is neat that you are writing your stories too.  It took me 6 mos to write the first draft of the book.  I got my writings from inspirations given to me by my angels, if you read the angel blogs you will see more about that.  I realized that the most important thing was to write it while it was still "swimming", because if I put it off I lost it. So write when the thoughts come.  Some people find that a recording device is easier, so that you can do it even when you are not with your computer, but I have to have the keys.  The thoughts seem to flow through my fingers onto the keys, and without them I am blank.  Good luck with your stories.  If mine can help you in any way to do yours, I will be very happy.  Thanks for the comment, it means a lot. 

 Brian:  I think it looks very nice! You have done great work! I look forward to reading more of what you have to say! 

Ellen:     Hi Angel, lovely site. Thanks for sharing. 

  Ari:  Seriously, keep up the great work! Very impressive!! 

Susan:  I could write a blog about my own journey of self-discovery and how that led me to become a children's author / blogger. I love the idea of exploring how small decisions can have a huge impact on our lives. I found reading the blue and pink text difficult. I'm not sure if it's my computer but I thought you might like to know.           

      Reply:  thanks for the heads up, we are working on that problem

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